USD4YOU - Best Note on the market

USD4YOU - Best USD Note on the market

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High Quality cotten/linen US dollar bills.

Pass all pen, UV, and bank teller close inspections. Guaranteed!!!

Reasonable Price

We give you the highest quality of counterfeit notes for affordable price. Buying in bulk will give you even bigger margin.

High Quality

Every bills goes through series of test to double-check their fidelity. We want our customers to feel at east and satisfied using our bills.

100% money-back guarantee

If you're unhappy with the bills you received, please return it within 14 days to eligible for full refund.

Fast and safe shipping solution

We ship worldwide. Daily cut-off is 2PM PST. Within USA : 1-3 days. Other countries 3-11 days.

Our notes

$100 USD bill

1-4 $40 ea

5-20 $36 ea (save 10%)

21-100 $30 ea (save 25%)

100+ inquire us

$50 USD bill

1-4 $20 ea

5-20 $18 ea (save 10%)

21-100 $15 ea (save 25%)

100+ $13 ea (save 35%)

$20 USD bill

1-4 $8 ea

5-20 $7 ea (save 13%)

21-100 $6 ea (save 25%)

100+ $5.2 ea (save 35%)

$10 USD bill

1-30 $4 ea

31+ $3 ea (save 25%)



DO NOT try to haggle. We're selling great notes at super low price already.

MININUM Order of $100. FREE SHIPPING worldwide for $250+ Order.

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Affiliate Earning

Starting earning today as much as 40% for each order. Email us for more info @ (pgp key)

Track your earnings

Please use the provided google analytic code to check the status of your traffics. Commission is sent out every 1st and 15th of the month.

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Shipped from USA

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